Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween...just watch out for the morning after

We had a great Halloween. Andrew had a party at school and everyone dressed up. There were three knights watching over AM Kindergarten yesterday so everyone could feel very safe. Nicholas talked about his cos-room the whole way home from bringing Andrew to school and I told him he could wear his costume after sleepies. Once we were home Nick helped me make cupcakes for a post-trick or treating snack. He put the cupcake liners in and helped stir the eggs and sugar. He may have also had a taste of cake batter.

In the afternoon, while the little ones were sleeping, Andrew painted his pumpkin from his Thursday field trip to the apple orchard while I hemmed his cloak. I also made the boot/spats Thursday night and they really helped complete his costume.

We went trick or treating with a friend from church and her two kids. We have gone to a near by mall the last few years, stopping at our Pastor's house (within walking distance from the mall) afterward. Because the weather was so nice (and our kids are a little older), we decided to just go to houses this year. We stayed out for almost two hours and the kids bags were loaded with candy. We dumped Nick's in the car once because it was getting too heavy for him.

Once everyone was getting tired, we came home for cupcakes. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of them and they are pretty much gone. There were six regular cupcakes and six from a molded cake pan in the shapes of ghosts and pumpkins. After our guests went home we were all ready to crash into bed.

The kids are definitely feeling the effects of the late night. Thankfully, Nick is napping for now and Tim took Andrew to Menards so I have a few minutes of quiet, probably the first all day.

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