Monday, November 03, 2008

Taking Advantage of the Weather

The weather this weekend was wonderful. Starting Thursday, Andrew had a wonderful sunny day for his field trip to the apple orchard. Afterward, I took the kids to a park near Andrew's school. Nick didn't want to leave.

Friday was another beautiful day with weather in the 50s for trick or treating.

Tim's Jeep Pumpkin

Saturday was nice, but the kids were crazy so we didn't do much. On Sunday we decided to do something fun outside since we aren't likely to have another weekend with weather in the 70s.

We loaded up the kids and the dog and went to Crosby Farm Park. There are wooded trails by the Mississippi River and Crosby Lake with bluffs along the trail in places. We walked to the river and let the kids play at the edge for a bit and then explored the trails a bit more.

Andrew in a tree

Nick in a tree

Andrew and Nicholas sitting under a tree amongst the roots

We found a fun boardwalk too.

Tim didn't grab the gentle leader when we left, and I was tired of Kapik trying to pull my arm off so I made him a halter.

The weather is beautiful again today (we didn't even wear coats when taking Andrew to school this morning!). I know I will be trying to spend as much time outside as I can.

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