Thursday, August 31, 2006

State Fair Again

I didn't quite get around to taking pictures of the finished baby sets yesterday. I took Andrew to the fair again and was completely exhausted. The sets are still damp anyway so it probably didn't matter. Andrew choose to go to the park and ride lot so he could ride a bus, so we parked in Roseville after grabbing some muffins and a container of strawberries for breakfast. He thought riding the bus was pretty exciting. I figured I would give him the option, knowing that it would still be pretty easy to find a parking spot near the gate if he chose to park and walk. After eating a little muffin and a bunch of strawberries, we visited the barns, starting with the new Miracle of Birth barn. While we were there we watched a pig and a cow give birth. Andrew was more interested in the pig than the cow since we were sitting right in front of the pig and only saw the cow on one of the TV's. We spent about an hour in there and then walked through the poultry, sheep, cattle and swine barns. We didn't spend quite as much time in those barns, but Andrew did get a got milk tattoo in the cattle barn and a pig tattoo in the swine barn. Next we walked toward Heritage Square, stopping to eat a cream puff on the way (which Andrew said was just ok). At Heritage Square we watched the blacksmith for about 30 minutes. After which, Andrew told me that he wanted to make metal and use him hammer. We walked through the log cabin and saw a girl weaving on a loom and then outside to see a man doing some chip carving. After that Andrew told me that he wanted to sit down and talk about weaving, chip carving and making metal. He told me he wanted to do those things and I told him that he could learn, but he would have to wait until he was a little older since they use tool that could be dangerous if he wasn't very careful. Then we started toward the kidway, after having a soft pretzel and eating some more of our strawberries. Andrew shared a couple of our strawberries with two girls that sat down near us. He got a cheese curd in exchange. Later he told me that the pretzel was his favorite food. We took the trolley up to the little hands farm, both things Andrew just loved, and then caught the parade as we walked the block to the kidway. After a few rides we were both done for the day and started back for the gate, stopping for a couple treats. Andrew got cotton candy for the first time and I bought myself my cashew nutroll for the year. As we were walking toward the gate, Andrew told me that he wanted to visit my shawl before we left. I was happy to do so, especially since the Creative Activities building is right next to the gate. I think going a second time was great since there weren't so many people and we had a chance to see the barns, which just aggravate Tim's allergies.
Today wasn't quite as exciting, although the evening was productive. I weeded (for the first time in a couple months) the beds in front and the asparagus, serged together 4 newborn diapers (leaving two to serge and all six to apply snaps), and finished the newborn booties. Now I really should work on weaving in ends on my sweater, but I think I am going to cast-on for some socks for Andrew. I am using yarn left over from socks I knit my mom, plus they are small. I also figure that I knit the baby some socks so I should knit Andrew some too, right?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hard to keep from casting on

I am really trying to finish up some projects before I start knitting anything new. I have a number of things I would like to make and I am tired of sewing things together and weaving in ends. But, I have two completely finished baby sweaters drying now. One has matching pants and the other has a matching hat and booties. I am pretty much down to my sweater and Andrew's sweater to finish. I have to admit that I have been working on some newborn crawling booties using leftover yarn. I needed a size gauge for the booties that match the sweater and figured I could make the second so I have a matching set since they go really quickly and only have two ends to weave in. I also have six newborn diapers about half sewn together. I will have pictures of all finished projects tomorrow after I take Andrew to the State Fair again. We all went on Sunday and had a good time, although I think I sat more and saw less than I ever have. I guess being a month away from my due date might have something to do with that. The highlight of the trip for me was seeing my knitting on display. We skipped the barns and the kids farm on Sunday, with plans to see them tomorrow when there might not be so many families. Plus, Tim is allergic to most of the animals so we never look at the barns much, so going without him will give Andrew a chance to see more animals. Andrew's favorite part Sunday had to be seeing the construction and farm equipment. We could have stayed there all day if he had a choice. He also liked the parade, but thought the U of MN tubas were a little much.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Trolling for Presents - Not Really

We finally created a gift registry at Target. We didn't do it earlier because there really isn't a lot of baby stuff we need and it usually isn't too hard to find something cute for a baby if you are looking for a present. I was asked yesterday though, for ideas of what Andrew might want as a big brother kind of present. So, last night we created a registry containing a few things that might be nice for the baby as well as some items Andrew would be interested in. Please don't feel that you need to buy him something if you want to get something for the baby. He understands that the baby will be getting some presents and that he got lots of presents when he was a baby too.

Friday, August 25, 2006


We went to Valleyfair two weeks ago and I thought I would share some pictures. It was a beautiful day. Being pregnant and going with a three-year-old actually worked out pretty well since I couldn't go on anything and Andrew was too short to go on much other than the kiddie rides. A big thank you to Jessica for parting with one of her free passes so I could go and take Andrew. We were there most of the day and Andrew had a blast. He said the merry-go-round was his favorite.

We went on the carousel, the Ferris wheel, all the kiddie rides (including Mild Thing, the kids roller coaster), saw a movie in the Imax, and played in the water park. We had a very full and fun day, and I was exhausted afterward.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Project Update - Knitting and sewing

I know it has been a while, but I have been busy knitting and sewing instead of blogging. I thought I would put up an update of all the things I have been working on.

The trellis scarf was frogged. I really disliked the nupps and since I wasn't enjoying it and had lots of yarn to make a shawl instead I decided to start the Adamas shawl from knitpicks . It has been finished and entered into the MN state fair along with a hat I knit last winter and a blue cotton cabled sweater I finished last spring. The hat actually won first place in the plain knit hat category and the shawl placed fifth. Funny considering that I wasn't going to enter the hat in the first place. I just kind of threw it in because I like it. Sadly, I didn't take pictures of any of the projects. I will try to remember when I get them back after the fair.

I was going to enter the red sweater I have been working on this spring and summer, and I was almost finished, but I didn't feel like working on it to the exclusion of getting anything done around the house, so it didn't get entered. I still need to weave in the ends and sew the zipper in. It will be done before it gets cold though.

I am looking forward to wearing this sweater. I am thinking I will still enter it in the fair next year, but will have to see how much wear it gets this winter.


I found some cotton/angora yarn on clearance at the Yarnery earlier this summer and couldn't resist buying it to make a baby sweater. There were four hanks and that seemed like a good amount to make a sweater with. It turned into this sweater and hat with booties almost done (but not pictured). The sweater is just a simple garter stitch and pretty much the same thing I made for my friend's baby last year so it went quickly. I just need to sew the buttons on, little brown bears.

The yarn is artful yarns Serenade in 6005 which is a marl consisting of light blue, medium blue, and grey. It is extremely soft. The sweater, hat and one bootie used up three balls of yarn. I am making the second bootie while pictures upload for this post.


Since this baby is due in a few weeks, I wanted to make sure I at least had some small diapers finished (since they have been cut out most of the summer). I made a dozen. Three are Very Baby knit diapers with print outside and hemp/cotton fleece inside and nine are made with flannel and hemp/cotton french terry using the Very Basic All-in-one pattern. All were made with snap in soakers and actually dry completely in one dryer cycle.

I thought my dad would especially like the camo one with the bright orange inside. I also have six small covers cut out that I am waiting to get fold over elastic for. It should arrive in the mail in the next couple days.

Four wool and two PUL. This brings the total small diaper stash to 12 home made fitteds, 6 size one Kissaluvs, 12 newborn prefolds, one home made Very Baby fleece all-in-one, two small Bumkins AIOs, one home made Very Baby pocket diaper, one wool-in-one one knit wool soaker and one modified Very Baby snug wrap wool cover.

Much better than the newborn stash of three Bummis covers, three flannel Very Baby fitted diapers, ten birdseye flats, and a dozen terry washcloths.

Andrew's "blueberry sweater" is almost done. This picture is the two sleeves with one almost done. That sleeve has been finished, the neck hole steeks have been crocheted and cut and one armhole steek has been crocheted and cut. I just need to do the other armhole, sew the sleeves in and knit the neck. His sweater should be done by the time it is cold out too and I know he is looking forward to wearing it.

I also have a baby blanket started. It is acrylic boucle yarn, simple blocks knit into strips that will be sewn together. I figured I better make the baby a "momma made" blanket because Andrew keeps telling me that he is going to let the baby use his blanket and I know he is pretty attached to it.

I also have started putting joint compound on the new drywall in the baby's room. There is still a lot to be done in there, but we don't figure he will be in there much at first anyway. Plus, I may have a few free mornings while Andrew is at preschool before the baby is here.

I also have a sweater and pants set almost done except for the bottom of the pants and some buttons. It has been sitting for awhile since I originally was planning on just making the sweater, then thought I had quite a bit of yarn left and decided to make pants, only to find that the pants will be on the short side. I figured that if I was going to make them, I might as well make them long enough to wear for awhile, so they are waiting until I get around to ordering another skein of yarn since no one has it locally

Tim revamped his desktop computer for Soledad, a woman from Peru, who will be going to school at Bethany for the next four years. Our congregation is kind of sponsoring her through Terry and Mary Schultz with stuff she needs for college other than tuition (she actually has a 4 year scholarship). We also donated a bike after hearing that they thought they were getting one somewhere, but it had fallen through. We had one in good shape sitting in the shed unused, so we were happy that she will be able to use it.

I also took Andrew to Valleyfair two weeks ago and he had a great time. Hopefully, I can get pictures up tomorrow.

Plus, I am definitely feeling huge and getting ready to finally meet this baby. Especially after the heat this summer. The cooler weather is much better, but it is still getting harder to get around. I will try to update more often, especially as my due date gets closer, but sometimes it is hard to put a project down only to write about it.


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