Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Time

Last night we carved the kids' pumpkins. Andrew took the sharpie and drew a face on the pumpkin and then directed me to make something bigger or smaller or a little different while I carved. Andrew's pumpkin is the one with the really big mouth. Tim carved Nick's pumpkin. Tim drew three choices for noses, mouths, and eyes and let Nicholas pick one of each to make the face. It worked out really well for letting a 2 year old help in some way. Andrew thought scraping the pumpkins out was really fun and was squishing his hands through the bowl of pumpkin guts any chance he had. Nick didn't like getting his hands messy at first, but when he saw how much fun Andrew was having he decided it wasn't so bad. I have some eyeball votive candles I picked up on clearance last year at Target that look pretty cool in the pumpkins, especially Andrew's.

My week has been more normal, thankfully. We now have new tires on the Subaru, which we needed anyway. While we were waiting to get the new tires on the Subaru, I noticed some cracking in one of the Jeep tires. Tim has located a tire for that too and will pick it up this weekend. Hopefully, that should be the end of our tire issues for a while.

I did do a bit of spinning this week. I have five very pretty skeins of yarn I have spun this spring and summer, besides the yarn I spun before, and I have only knit one thing with handspun. I decided that I needed to change that and cast on for a Lace Ribbon Scarf with some white Merino/Angora blend yarn. Spinning this yarn was slow because I could only spin it while Tim wasn't around. Turns out he must be allergic to Angora. There goes my plan for getting bunnies some day.

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Holly Jo said...

I love the way you did the top jig jaggy instead of just round. Also, I LOVE the mouth - too funny. Looks like it was fun.

Can't wait to see your spinning and the lace ribbon scarf.


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