Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

Today there was yard work to do, some window trim to be painted, and a general clean-up needed around the house. Well, we did most of the clean-up, but it was warm today. So....we left things, hopped in the Jeep and headed to Hudson to play in the river. We had been there once, last Father's day, and enjoyed the lack of life guards (and therefore lack of dumb rules). The kids loved being able to use their inflatable toys and Andrew made a friend. The water was a bit on the cool side, but the sun and air were warm enough to make it the perfect summer activity. Too bad there was the feeling of impending fall in the air. Andrew starts kindergarten tomorrow and is feeling "unprepared" although up until this weekend he was nothing but excited. I think he will be fine and will love going to school. We have already been to the school library a few times and had a few pre-school activities which have all been great. If I think of it (and have the energy) I will try to post a picture of Andrew on his first day of school some time this week.


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