Monday, October 27, 2008

October Luck

I was planning to blog some happier weekend events, but I was about 5 blocks away from our house this morning, taking Andrew to school when I heard strange noises coming from the car. I pulled over to find a large hole in the side of a very flat tire. Thankfully I was able to park it safely, find a neighbor to get Andrew to school only a little late (thank you Sarah!), and another Kindergarten parent to bring him home (thank you to other helpful stay-at-home parents!). I am hoping this is the end of our bad luck for a while, but it seems bad luck comes in threes, especially in October for us. Cross your fingers!

We did have a good time Saturday on Grand Ave's Boo Bash. The weather was warm (right around 60 degrees) and the kids loved wearing their costumes and visiting the stores handing out treats. Nick work the lion costume I made when Andrew was two. He was very excited to be a Ly-lee (his version of lion) and even liked wearing the hood. Andrew is a knight this year, inspired by our visit to the Renaissance Festival at the beginning of September. I still have a couple things to do to his costume, but I did get most of it made in time for Saturday. I really was planning to have an extra week to finish his costume, but I'm glad I could get it together for the Boo Bash.

My knight and lion

I love the chain mail hood!

We visited many stores, including the new Wonderment store (which I had been meaning to visit in Mpls, but just hadn't gotten over there), and participated in the costume contest. Nicholas even won a prize for his costume, which happened to be a small collection of things from Wonderment (thank you Wonderment). It was a nice prize because, although Andrew didn't win a prize for his costume, there were things in Nick's prize they could share.

The lion and the lamb (sheep?)

Nick with his prize

Andrew in the bouncy fire truck/slide thing

Now I think I will take some time to spin and try to settle down a little after the rush around this morning. Hopefully, the rest of the day will be a bit calmer.

The clown fish I made for Andrew using instructions from my new Wool Pets book purchased at Wonderment.

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