Sunday, October 26, 2008

The main reason we need to move...

Last night our garage was broken into, again. We are vigilant about keeping our service door locked, keeping the garage door closed (even unplugging it on the weekends when the Jeep usually stays in the garage). Yet, someone knew that there were tools there and managed to open our service door and take our table saw, miter saw and reciprocating saw sometime between 6pm and 9am last night. We have tried to keep tools out of the garage, but we truly don't have space for them in our partial basement and need them for the work we have been doing on our house. Tim called the police to report the break in and was told that he needed to call back Monday because they only handle break-ins to out-buildings Monday through Saturday. This afternoon was spend installing a deadbolt on our service door for the garage. Next, we will be installing motion sensitive lights above both doors. I know we don't live in a very nice neighborhood, but I am truly tired of having things go missing constantly.

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Jess said...

Oh geez, I'm sorry you got robbed. Reminds me that we still need to get a deadbolt on our garage door. We had a breakin to our old garage (if you can call it that - the door wasn't locked) and just count ourselves lucky that only one bike was stolen (there were 4 adult bikes, a couple kid bikes, and a Burley trailer in there, it could've been far worse).

I hope the police are able to do something, did you have the serial numbers of the tools written down somewhere?


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