Monday, July 09, 2007

The strike is over. But.....

Nick decided to nurse again. On Saturday I managed to get him to nurse once after a nap again (while he was mostly asleep), but nothing else. I even tried waking him up an hour after he went to sleep to get him to nurse. He didn't even wake up. So I brought him to my bed and snuggled up next to him hoping he would stir eventually and forget he was on strike and just nurse. He did, and nursed about three times that night. I was happy that he was nursing and didn't even mind that I didn't sleep much. Sunday was just hot. It was 85 degrees in the house in the morning when we woke up. We decided to take our chances with the kids at the theater and went to Ratatouille. There were only two seats in the front of the stadium seating, near the door (where I wanted to be in case I needed to make a quick exit with Nicholas) so Tim and Andrew sat farther forward. Andrew did ok with the movie. He snuggled with Tim during the "scary" parts and pronounced the movie to be good at the end. Nicholas ate a few goldfish crackers at the beginning of the movie and then made a nose dive towards my chest - which is usually his signal that he wants to nurse. He ended up nursing/dozing for about 3/4ths of the movie. I was so happy. I honestly didn't expect to watch much of the movie. Even after he stopped eating/sleeping, he was happy to snuggle which was so nice since he hasn't even wanted to be held anywhere near a cradle hold during the nursing strike. He seems to be back to normal as far as nursing goes, although he wanted to nurse all night last night after being down to just nursing around 4am or 5am and then going back to sleep for a couple more hours before the strike. It was just so strange that he had a nursing strike. He is so happy-go-lucky about most everything. He has been trying to stand and cruise a bit and he will fall right on his face, I will pick him back up, he will look at me for a minute, and then he just goes back to what he was doing. No crying, no complaining, stuff just doesn't seem to be a big deal to him. I'm not sure exactly what caused the strike probably the things I mentioned in the previous post though.

So, now that the strike is over... we managed to have a really bad car day today. My car died on the freeway while I was on the way to taking the kids to the beach. At first I thought I just managed to kill the car by slowly going around a curve from the construction - I have a manual and it does happen, although I haven't done that for a long time - but then it wouldn't start up again. Thankfully, I had my cell phone and called Tim who left work and picked us up. Then, Tim and Steve went to tow the car to the dealer since we still have a few more than 10,000 miles left on our warranty. On the way there a guy tries to turn left at a green light thinking he had a green arrow. He ran into the Jeep. The Jeep needs some work, but no one was hurt and they were still able to bring the car in. The other guy's car needed to be towed. The other guy's insurance should cover the damage (although he still thinks it wasn't his fault). It would be nice if they just total the Jeep since money-wise it might be more to fix than it is worth and then we don't have to deal with selling it (since we were thinking about replacing it relatively soon and it is paid for), but we will have to see how much damage there really was.

In knitting news, the snowflake hat is almost hemmed (a good use of my time waiting on the side of the road while the kids were playing happily in the car). The plan was to take it to the Ramsey County Fair tomorrow and enter it since 3 Kittens is giving away a gift certificate for one of the winning entries, but we will see now that I don't have a car. I also started a pair of socks for Nicholas using leftover Step yarn and I bought more green Malabrigo to finish the soaker I was working on. I also finished half of the second clue for MS3. Pretty good since I went to bed early Saturday.

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Jess said...

Oh no, I'm sorry about the cars! Hopefully it all gets fixed/straightened out soon.

Glad to hear the little guy is nursing again.z


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