Monday, July 09, 2007

Snowflake Hat

Pattern: A chart from here (the chart I used isn't on this page though) mixed with a general adaptation of this hat pattern. I made the hat wider and added a border with a third color.

Yarn: Dale of Norway Hauk - This wasn't that strange to knit with even with the teflon. It would probably be more enjoyable at a more appropriate gauge, but I wanted a hat that would keep out as much wind as possible. I lined the hat with lace weight silk held double.

Needles: Size Ones - I don't remember exactly which ones, but probably Inox (the grey ones). This is probably not the best size needle for this yarn, unless you want to give your hands lots of breaks. It will be warm for this winter though.

I am very happy with how this hat turned out. It will be warm and I am looking forward to wearing it this winter. The silk will feel nice against my forehead and ears too. I am curious to see how the Hauk yarn will be different from non-teflon coated yarn when I wear the in the weather.


Top and Side


Jess said...

It looks great! What a fun pattern to knit.

Catherine said...

It's beautiful! Makes me want to grab a cup of hot cocoa. :)


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