Friday, July 06, 2007

Wow is it Friday already?

What a week. Andrew was much better this week, but Nick decided to be the troublemaker this week. He decided to go on a nursing strike Monday night and has only nursed once since then, when I woke him up from his nap today and he was still half asleep. He hasn't been overly cranky, but he has teeth coming in (I think the eighth will pop through soon and he is working on others too) and he hasn't pooped much until tonight. I think that he will be fine when the teeth start feeling better, but I think the tylanol and ibuprofen that help his teeth feel better is what is causing him to be stopped up. I tried some orajel today. Nick thought it was odd at first, but it seemed to help. Tonight Nick was fine with snuggling after he had the orajel, but he didn't eat. Maybe tomorrow. If not, I'm going to have to rent better pump. The one I have works better than the manual Avent I had when I was nursing Andrew, but it isn't that great. Nicholas and I did get some one on one time today since Tracey took Andrew over to Como Zoo. Andrew had a great time.

On the fourth we all went to Afton State Park, had a picnic near the river, and did some swimming. Since Nicholas was in need of sleep, Andrew and I went to fireworks that night. We went to Central Park in Roseville, walked down the path a little way, and set up our chairs. We sat next to a very nice family that offered Andrew a slice of watermelon shortly after we sat down and introduced ourselves. Andrew enjoyed watching the sunset and snuggling with me during the fireworks. He was an angel the whole time.

Andrew did have one other very exciting event this week. He got a new bike.

He is very happy to have a bike and has said thank you many times already. He was a little shaky at first, but after a few times around the block he started picking up speed.

I did get a couple things done this past week.

On Saturday, Tim made beer and I made soft pretzels. They turned out well, but next time I won't put in as much butter. They were pretty rich.

I had clue one of Mystery Stole 3 done by Sunday night.

Now I need to start on clue two.

I felt like spinnng for some reason this week (maybe it was my desire to avoid ripping out the sleeve of Andrew's sweater and redoing it). I finished spinning and plyed the Rabouillet and plyed the wool/silk that has been waiting for a while. They aren't wonderful, but at least I did finish and I need to do some spinning to get better.

I started spinning my sample of hand dyed superwash merino from my Hello Yarn fiber sampler. Superwash merino is very slippery, but then, also easy to draft and spin thinly.

I found myself with a finished pair of socks.

Pattern: Wendy's generic toe up pattern
Yarn: Austermann Step - I don't remember the color - I am probably the only person that doesn't like this yarn. I found it to be splitty and not really that soft. Holly Jo asked if it made my hands soft. I didn't really notice that they were any softer. I will have to see how my feet feel after wearing them for a day. That probably won't happen for a while given that it is going to be 97-100F tomorrow.
Needles: Five double pointed size ones - I started with Pony Pearls, but didn't like them and switched to the ones from the Susan Bates sock set.
I think the socks will be fine. They fit and they will be warm. I'm glad I tried a new kind of yarn and new needles, even if they didn't turn out to be my favorite.

I knit most of a soaker, only to discover that I was short a little yarn. I tried to use leftovers from skein I used to make pants for Andrew. Help! Anyone have a little Malabrigo Vertis left over from a project? This will probably sit for a while.
that gap is what I have left to knit

Other than Andrew's gansey and the snowflake hat which haven't changed and maybe the best of show socks that will probably be frogged, that's it for projects. I hope to get more knit on the stole and start something mindless this next week.


Knittymama said...

Oh no, nursing strike!! Hope it blows over soon:-(

Holly Jo said...

Oh those nursing strikes! Here's to hoping it is not permanent.

Hooray for a new bike! Wish Jacob would ride his bike - not nearly enthusiastic as your son.

Glad to hear about spinning up the superwash - I have been nervous to try it, but you make it sound like it spins up thin despite the slippery nature.

Jess said...

I hope he's past the nursing strike by now. I'm so glad we never went through that with either of these two.

The bike looks like fun!

Deb said...

Yeah - your MS3 looks better than mine! How come I don't see those little points?? I'm starting over with the pink cashmere! I figure I'll get that extra Harry Potter week to catch up with every one!


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