Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lots of Stuff (or the first half of the month of April)

Nicholas just popped his 5th and 6th teeth through today. I know what you are thinking, what about the first four teeth. The first two were on April 8th and 14th and the second two were on the 22nd and 23rd. We were joking that he was trying to pop as many through as he could before he was seven months. He was so much happier today after those teeth came through.

Beginning of April-

Pinewood Derby

Andrew's car ready to race - His car this year was a yellow Hummer.

Lots of cheering fans

Yarn Harlot

O Canada

On Stage with the sock

Sitting and knitting with other bloggers while Steph was talking- I ran into Knittymama, Mama Grouch, Catherine, and Gwyneth

Soakers - the endangered species (mine is the waterlilly soaker previously unseen on the blog)

Knittymama and I with Stephanie

I had so much fun that night - spending time with other knitters and having a break from the kids

Visiting my grandparents the day before Easter - Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures with my dad's parents, but we have some good pictures with my mom's mom.

I finally gave my grandma the angel I cross stitched. She loved it.

I will try to get more of the month and some FOs soon but before I go....

Here was an exchange between Tim, Rita and me last night (sorry Liberty, you already heard this)

Me: Rita - Why are you always in my chair?
Tim: She is like Visa
Me: confused look on my face
Tim: She's everywhere you want to be

Here she is again tonight

I don't think this will replace her current nickname of P.I.T.A - pain in the _ _ _ -(borrowed from a cat at a clinic I used to work at) since she always seems to be into something or making a lot of noise. And who can blame us, it does rhyme with her name.

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