Monday, April 02, 2007

Aran Sweater and Felted Snowman

Just a couple of finished objects today

Heirloom Aran Sweater

This sweater was knit with Cascade Eco Wool. It went very quickly and I made the sleeves long enough that Nick will be able to wear it next year. He did wear it to church one Wednesday (with the sleeves rolled up) and I got a ton of complements on it. I am especially proud of the really stretchy neck created by folding the ribbing down at the neck and stitching it down.

Felted Snowman

This snowman was knit from a kit purchased at 3 Kittens clearing out sale. It was from Wool in the Woods and contained natural wool and mohair held together for the body and yellow wool for the nose. The hat and scarf were knit from yarn left over from a soaker. The eyes and mouth were embroidered on with some black DMC embroidery floss. I knit the hat at my parents' house after felting the snowman at home. The hat ended up too big, so I felted the snowman some more when we returned home. I finished it up, handed it to Andrew, and he immediately took the hat and scarf off and took the snowman to his playroom.


Catherine said...

Wow, your Aran sweater is gorgeous! So are your kids. Fun to find your blog and to hang with you at the Harlot last night!

Mama Grouch said...

It was great meeting you the other night at the Harlot, hopefully we will get to hang out in a knitterly fashion again sometime!


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