Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Birthday Weekend (and the turtle)

I just thought I would mention a couple things going on the weekend right after my birthday (2/17-2/18). First there will be the knit out at the Mall of America. I think I might go Saturday late afternoon or Sunday afternoon. I am curious just what will be there and think it would be fun to see other knitters. The other thing I have planned for that weekend is a Pampered Chef party on Saturday at 10:30. I picked February because their stoneware is 20% off. I especially want a muffin pan because when they are seasoned they are pretty non-stick and I need to replace my pans. Every time I use them more of the non-stick coating comes off - some of it on the muffins. yuck! I also broke my glass 9x9 pan a while ago and could really use a replacement. You can find more info about the products here. If you are in the area and want to come send me an email at aprilandpets @ comcast dot net (minus the spaces of course). It should be a nice time to get together and have some lunch. I might even have cake.

You may have noticed the turtle Andrew and I recently adopted. Andrew chose its color and helped me with the name. Feel free to feed him some worms(click on more), take him for a swim (click on the water), and be careful not to frighten it (click on its head).

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