Monday, January 29, 2007

So Very Sleepy

I've been running a little short of sleep these past few nights, so I haven't been too motivated to knit. I just started the second sleeve of Nick's sweater, but it is out in the Jeep right now, so it won't get any farther until tomorrow night. I did felt my snowman a little more this afternoon. I was going to embroider some eyes on it until I realized the knit stitches were still too loose for it to work well. So, I unstuffed it and hand felted it some. It is quite a bit smaller now. Maybe the hat I knit for it will actually fit now. I am going to try to finish the snowman up this week. Andrew really wants to have him for a toy. up I did wash a lot of sweaters today. Mine seem to keep getting spit up on and Andrew keeps getting food on his, so now I have a table full of damp sweaters. It will be nice to have my red cabled sweater clean. It is so much nicer to wear than my bulky sweatshirts.

I also went to the library on Thursday and have been reading The Edison Trait by Lucy Jo Palladino. It is very interesting. I can see Andrew in the book, but I also see Tim and myself. It makes me happy to see that some of the suggestions in the book for dealing with discipline are thing I already do. Reading books like this make me feel like I am not the only one with a child who seems like too much to handle sometimes. It gives me hope that through reading books like this and remembering my own school experiences, I can help Andrew avoid some of the negative experiences Tim and I had in school. I am torn in my decisions about school for the next couple years for Andrew. The schools that seem like they would fit best, are also schools with pre-K everyday and all day kindergarten. I am pretty sure that Andrew, while being very smart, is not ready to have that kind of schedule. He just doesn't have that kind of attention span unless it is something he is really interested in, and he is likely to just get into trouble. Preschool has been fun for him most of the time and he has made a couple friends, but I know that it has been hard for him behavior-wise. I also have heard him being teased about his speech a couple of times. Thankfully Andrew doesn't realize it and we will be doing something to help his speech soon.

On a lighter note, Tim started a new job at G&K today. His contract at Children's ended because they ran out of money and couldn't hire him on, as was the original plan. It was nice having him work so close at Children's, but there just aren't that many IT jobs on the east side of the metro area. So, once again, Tim is driving across the cities everyday. Tim was very happy with how his first day went and thinks this job will help solidify the direction he wants to take his career.

Nicholas has news too! He got to eat his first cereal Saturday. I was going to wait longer, but he sits with us at every meal and tracks our food from plate to mouth and tries to grab any food or cup that comes near him (and maneuver it to his mouth if he is successful in the grabbing). He was so excited to get the spoon into his mouth and then eagerly sucked the cereal off the spoon. He was quite upset when the cereal was gone and was only happy when given the spoon to hold.

Well, time for me to get Nicholas back to sleep and try to get some sleep myself.

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