Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Day With Daddy

Tim is taking a photography class this semester to fulfill a humanities requirement. His first assignment is to find three subjects and take pictures from different angles. Andrew loves anything having to do with pictures, so Tim took him along and let him take some pictures with our old digital camera. These are Tim's pictures and these are Andrew's pictures(he had a little help on a couple).

Andrew also had an appointment for a speech evaluation that afternoon. I sent Tim and Andrew alone since they were running late and Nicholas was asleep. Tim was told that the school district admits the lowest two or three children evaluated for therapy and that Andrew would definitely be one of them. We will be getting more info within the next couple days, but it sounds like he will be starting some program soon. We will also need to decide if we want to apply for a speech-preschool through the district or go to one of the two possible preschools through our church synod and do speech therapy outside of preschool. I am glad that we addressed the issue when we did though, because school application starts in February. I will be busy looking at schools next month.

On a knitting note- I think Andrew wore his Anchors and Fishes sweater for the last time Wednesday. He loves that sweater so much, but it is just getting too small. The sleeves are too tight and it is too short in the body. I think my next project will be a new sweater for Andrew. I have some grey Bemidji Homespun (since Andrew has been asking for a grey sweater) and an aran design brewing in my head. I have the front and back of Nicholas's sweater done and one sleeve started so it shouldn't be long now.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I am going to help with Andrew's preschool field trip to the Children's Museum. Interesting because Andrew has never has a time limit on an exhibit and usually spends an hour or more playing in an exhibit. Also, I will be with fourteen preschoolers all morning. I'm not sure that is really a good idea. We will have to see.

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