Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Monday Night Jazz

Andrew has decided he likes to listen to jazz since he gets to listen to jazz in the Jeep with Daddy sometimes. So, when we found out that a local coffee shop, The Coffee Grounds, has live jazz we decided we should check it out. Tim mentioned the first time we went here. We went there again last night. Andrew loves listening - the ice cream treat doesn't hurt either - but mostly he listens and plays with the toys they have there when they aren't playing. Nicholas wasn't quite as happy, but then he was just tired. Amazingly he did fall asleep while the music was playing. I was plugging one ear and he had the other pressed against me, but it still wasn't that quiet. Tim thought I should show up to play sometime. Andrew would think that was pretty cool to have Mommy playing jazz. Maybe when I have a little more free time.

I mentioned that I thought I might start a sweater for Nicholas Friday and I did.
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I finished the back Monday night and am about a third of the way done with the front. It is so fun knitting for babies because the things go so quick. Although, I mentioned to Tim that it is like a race to see if you can get the item knit before the baby grows out of it. I think I am winning this race. It helps that I am knitting a 12-18 month size, so it will be a little big, but at this rate I should have the sweater done in the next week or so.

Andrew had fun at tumbling again today, and he even followed his teachers directions (at least for the first 20 minutes). He loves tumbling, but sometimes he takes creative liberties with the things they are supposed to be doing. Things like when he decided that his crab walked on his tummy, he was going to leap in between the circles instead of on them, things like that. Oh well, the main thing is that he is having fun and using some of his energy. He also thinks learning the forward roll was pretty cool. He also liked playing Thomas cards today.
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This post made me hungry for chocolate chip cookies, so when Tim asked this weekend if there was anything I wanted, I of course mentioned the possibility of making some. He wasn't too hard to convince. Nicholas wishes he could have some, but he will just have to make due with his fingers for now.
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He has really been watching us eat lately. He tracks our food from our plates to our mouths and then puts his hands in his mouth. He is just practicing.

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