Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Socks, a Scarf, and Sewing in the Sauna

First the socks.

I finished Andrew's handspun/handknit socks at knitting night Saturday. Knitting was just Bobbie (who was hosting) and me. It was quiet and gave me a chance to get the socks finished. They are basic socks - no real pattern. 48 stitches, 2x2 ribbing till the heel using size ones, short row heel on size threes, then ribbing using ones on the top and stockingette stitch using size threes on the bottom. Contrary to what the picture shows the cuffs are both the same length. I made them a little long so they should fit Andrew this winter. It was interesting to see how much more consistant the yarn is at the end of the second sock than at the beginning. I still have some yarn left and will probably make matching socks for the baby. Andrew is very happy to have his woolie socks. The other day when we went to the playground I told him to put his shoes and socks on so his feet didn't get hurt while he was playing. He responded that if they did he would put on his woolie socks and his feet would feel better because they were so soft. He is the best three-year-old to knit for, although not the easiest to have hold still for a picture.

Next, the scarf. I have wanted to try lace knitting for a long time, but haven't wanted to jump in with a shawl. It just seemed like a big commitment for something that truly isn't really my style of clothing. I did find some silk laceweight at Shepherd's Harvest that I decided to splurge on. I am kind of thrifty, so I don't usually spend much on yarn. The Trellis Scarf in the Spring Knits magazine had already caught my eye, so I decided to try it with the silk.

I am 2 1/2 repeats into the main pattern and it is getting easier now. I don't need to constantly look at the pattern and even the 7 into 5 clusters are getting better. I'm not sure if I will keep it or give it away at this point. I mainly want to see if I can knit it.

And sewing in the sauna? My sewing machine and serger are in a bedroom upstairs that is on the southeast corner of the house. Because of the way the upstairs is layed-out it doesn't really connect well with the rest of the upstairs, so there isn't much airflow. It gets really hot. I tend to put off sewing projects in the summer because I don't want to be up there in the heat. Unfortunately, there are diapers to be made for the baby and curtains and a comforter cover to be made for Andrew's room so I have lots of sewing to do. Since blogger was down this afternoon and I couldn't put off the sewing by blogging I braved the heat. Tonight, after dinner we went to Menards and bought an air conditioner for the room. It is currently the only one we have in use in the house. I can usually keep the downstairs around 80 by closing curtains during the day, and the bedrooms cool down pretty nicely during the evening, but the sewing room is just hot and I decided it really isn't recommended for pregnant women to be spending time in a sauna. Hopefully, the air conditioner will motivate me to do some more sewing. I do have nine small diapers mostly sewn together though. So, I did accomplish something today.

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