Monday, September 10, 2007

Time flies when you're having fun

The kids got to bed a little earlier tonight so I sat down with my Malabrigo and the Tiger Hat pattern and the next thing I knew it was already 10pm. I'm about a third of the way done. Andrew is going to love this hat.

I finished seaming the last clog and felted them all this morning. I tossed all eight clogs into a zippered pillowcase and put the pillowcase in the wash on hot with a couple towels. I only had to restart the washer once (the time near the washer was spent wisely folding clothes) and once all the clothes were folded I checked the clogs to find that they were already felted.

All Done!

So, yesterday I said I would talk about talk about spinning. I purchased a fiber sampler from Hello Yarn this past spring. I finished spinning the superwash merino singles and the plan is to try navajo plying it. I purchased corridale roving in two different colorways at the last Shepherd's Harvest. I spun up the red and yellow dyed roving and plan to navajo ply it after practicing on the merino.

Yep, the bobbin is a bit full.

When we went to the state fair I stopped in the cabin at Heritage Square. I spoke to the woman who was spinning/knitting/doing needlework (not all at the same time). She mentioned that she had been spinning for 20 years. I went away thinking about what and where I might be spinning 18 years from now. Then I went home and tried spinning the denim cotton roving sample from the fiber sampler. At first it didn't go too well. Then I grabbed the carders I bought at the Creative Fibers sale (they are finer ones to go with the ones I got for mother's day). Spinning the cotton I carded was much easier than spinning from the roving. After that bit was spun I tried spinning the cotton from the fold. That went pretty well too. So, after I used the bit I pulled off I tried spinning from the roving again. It actually spun pretty easily. I think that spinning the fluffier preps. first helped with getting used to the short fiber. I thought it was pretty cool that I spun cotton. It was one fiber that I was very apprehensive to try. We will have to see how it goes when I start spinning the rest of the cotton up.

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Holly Jo said...

Wow. That bobbin is really full. Don't let the kids near it or disaster could strike. :)

It is funny to think about doing anything for that long. My life seems so disjointed and out of control right now with small kids. :)


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