Sunday, September 09, 2007


There are lots of projects going on around here. I'm more excited about some than others, especially some of the house projects. We have done a lot of structural and mechanical things in the last years and visually our house hasn't seemed to change much. Now we are finally getting some of the cosmetic things done and I really enjoy seeing the difference.

Knitting Projects:

First a warning - I am going to be doing a bunch of gift knitting in the next couple months. I will not say who anything is for though. So, if you see something that I make that is a gift, who knows. It might be for you, it might not. I'm not telling. I do however, want to have some blog fodder other than the kids and the house projects.

Mystery Stole 3
-The mystery stole is kind of stalled. I wasn't sure for a while if I was going to knit the asymmetrical design or make the other half and join it in the middle. I have finally decided that I am going to just knit it as written. I like things to be symmetrical, but I'm also pretty picky, so knitting something different for once probably won't kill me.

Mystery Socks
-I have knit both socks at the same time so they are both done to the final clue, the turning of the heel. I partly want to just continue on until where I would usually start the toe, but I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy so I haven't. I am knitting these out of Maisy from Crystal Palace. I found this yarn this summer at Clickety Sticks and hadn't seen it on any blog or heard about it anywhere so I wanted to try it. It is made from corn and has elastic in it. It knits up pretty nice.

It might be a blanket
-I started knitting the Patons Divine that I received at the Knit Out last February. Andrew loves fluffy, fuzzy yarn and I though he might like a knit blanket that isn't a baby blanket. I thought I would knit up three strips from the three colors and seam them together. Just garter stitch since the yarn would hide any stitch pattern and the yarn is a pain to knit, hence the It might be a blanket.

Bauhaus Fair Isle
-I have one pattern repeat knit so far. I like the fabric that is forming and I like colorwork. This is not getting worked on much since I am on a gift knitting kick and this is not a gift. This pattern was shown to Tim quite a few times before actually purchasing the yarn and starting the knitting. When I was going to buy the yarn I looked at Knit Picks to see if they had colors that would be similar enough to use their less expensive yarn. They didn't at the time, but recently came out with a bunch of heathered yarns and now I could easily find all the colors I need for the sweater. Of course, now that I already started it in Heilo. Oh well.

The Mountain of Clogs
-A whole mess of felted clogs for Christmas gifts. I can actually make a pair in 2-3 days (which is mostly knitting after the kids go to bed at night). I have three pairs done and almost have the forth done. I might need to knit another pair, but will have to wait and see. I am very proud of myself for having them almost done and it only being the beginning of September. I love wearing my felted clogs (I'm wearing them right now).

two of the four pairs

I was going to mention my spinning and house projects too, but I think those will just have to wait for later this week. I want to get some other things done tonight and I don't have pictures of the other things anyway.


Guinifer said...

I am well impressed with the quantity of knitting coming off of your needles! Especially the Bohus.

Holly Jo said...

That Bohus is gorgeous! I saw it on your ravelry page too. :)

I can't believe how much you knit with all the projects you have going. It would take me a year to get through all those. :)


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