Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy = Bullet Point Post

There has been a lot going on this weekend. I have more to do tonight, so here is a quick bullet point post so I don't get behind on the blogging.

- We still haven't found out if the Jeep is totaled or not.
- We did buy a new vehicle
- It is a '80 Jeep CJ7

- It is kind of like a Wrangler (it has a hard top that can be removed)
- Tim plans to drive the car to work for 6-12 months if possible
- The CJ7 was purchased using insurance funds from the front end collision last July. - This means we can put away some of the money from the rear end collision (when we get it) and start saving for a future car.
- We hope to keep the "new" Jeep and fix it up and be able to pull it out on nice days to ride around with the top off.
- Worst case, we have to sell it - the guy we bought it from was getting tons of calls so it probably won't be too tough.
- Both children will be in car seats (not a car seat and a booster) when riding with the top off. Tim is also thinking about installing 5-point harnesses in the back seat.
- I spend most of the weekend working on drywall in Nick's bedroom.

The room after plaster was removed. We have had drywall and a single coat of joint compound up for awhile.

This is what it looks like now.

- Yes, Tim installed the pocket door.

- My arms are really sore (I think most of it is from mudding the ceiling).
- I need to sand and touch up a few places, but most of the mudding is done.
- Andrew spent Saturday night and much of Sunday at Grandma Kathy's.
- That greatly increased the amount of work accomplished.
- Andrew now has a mattress for the top bunk. (We didn't buy one before because he doesn't need one - it is mostly to make the room look nicer - the bunk beds were cheaper than the single we liked and Andrew thought bunk beds would be fun and maybe he can share with Nicholas some day.)
- Andrew's room is looking really nice.
- I still need to make pillow shams and curtains for the french doors and we need to sand the floor.
- Then Andrew's room is done.
- I think he has the nicest room in the house right now.
- I will post pictures when I finish sewing stuff for the room.
- Nicholas figured out when to wave and is waving good bye to anything, especially cute was when he waved to Tim this morning when Tim left for work.
- I found a great deal on Plan toys so we will be set for Christmas and birthday gifts with nice wooden toys.
- I love finding good deals on stuff.
- I keep messing up the Mystery Socks cause I keep trying to knit a few stitches and then set it down again and I forget which row I'm on.

- I started some Thujas to work on instead.

- I don't like fickr - I have had a free account for almost a month and already have my limit of pictures.
- I love my Picasa account. I have had their free account for a year and still have lots of room and can organize pictures into more than just 2 folders and upload lots of pictures.
- Unfortunately, Ravelry is linked to flickr.
- I want to add more pictures, but I don't want give flickr money when I like my Picasa account and Ravelry will be allowing photos from other sources eventually.
- My projects and stash on Ravelry might be pretty boring for a while.

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Holly Jo said...

Anyone who has ever done drywall work went Oh-my-gosh when they saw the work you did. What a lot of work - great job!

Plan toys are fun. Enjoy your Thuja's.


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