Wednesday, September 12, 2007

All Done

I have good news and bad news today.

First the bad news - I think the Jeep might be all done. Tim was rear-ended in the Jeep on his way to work this morning. It isn't too bad since he wasn't hurt, it wasn't his fault, he has a loaner Mustang to drive for 10 days courtesy of the other driver's insurance. Tim said the Jeep didn't look too bad, but it wouldn't start again. I'm glad we didn't bother to get the front end fixed. I don't know if it will be totaled or not (the adjuster will look at it tomorrow) but we were really thinking of replacing the Jeep with something smaller for Tim to drive to work now that we have the wagon. We just didn't really want to try to sell the Jeep. So, I spent pretty all of preschool driving and then picked Tim up in Minnetonka this evening. Also, this weekend was supposed to be spent working on Nick's room and will probably be spent looking at cars again. Uck.

Good news - Andrew's Tiger hat is all done. He thinks it is pretty cool. The hat is very soft and should be pretty warm since it is stranded. I used this pattern and a size six needle for a 20 inch diameter. I do still need to wash it before the weather gets too cold.


I finally got around to taking pictures of the Nick Socks. Today was a good day for wool socks (I wore a pair of mine too).

They look kind of funny when they aren't being worn, but they stay on.


Holly Jo said...

Man, another accident? Yikes. Glad no one was hurt, but bleh shopping for a car with two kids in tow must be tedious. Car seats in - car seats out. :)

Mary Lou said...

The hat looks very cute on a very cute boy!


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