Tuesday, January 16, 2007

When all else fails...

Cast-on something simple that you have made a dozen times, but do it with a new twist. I am really almost done with the pirate mittens, only a few ends to weave in on the second mitten. I have either half or one and a half balls of yarn (I don't remember what Tim and I decided on right now) on Tim's black scarf. The snowman would be quick to finish too. It is just that none of those projects are really needed or have much left I could be creative with, and so seem kind of boring but require concentration to work on. And after my afternoon (Andrew managed to fall down the stairs at the Y after tumbling class - he isn't badly hurt, just a bump on the head since he managed to roll sideways most of the way - he settled down quite a bit after that) they just aren't what I am looking for. So I cast on for a soaker. It is something Nicholas actually needs (I have four covers cut out and waiting to be sewn up - I just haven't sat down at the sewing machine to do it). It is something I have made many times before. I have even sold a few. I don't use a pattern any more. Soakers are my comfort knitting. I am using the Naturally Nazareth yarn I picked up last May. My twist this time, instead of cables like I have done in the past, is twisted ribbing. I am hoping this will help with the fact that the ribbing always seems to stretch out, no matter how small a needle I use or if I use fewer stitches for the ribbing. Right now it is 76 stitches (usually 80 for a med, but I ran out of tail on my twisted german cast-on) of k2 tbl p2 ribbing for about 2 inches - until I used up the yarn barf from finding the center of the skein. The yarn has really short color sections so no obvious patterning yet. It will be interesting to see if that holds true when I increase for the body of the soaker and switch to stockinette stitch.


Jess said...

I'm glad Andrew wasn't hurt falling down the stairs - it's so scary when that happens!

I've found that the Naturally Nazareth doesn't pool/flash/whatever - like you said, the color sections are so short that it's unlikely to happen. I really need to go buy some more - that stuff is so nice, and very reasonably priced!

April said...

I thought I had avoided his falling too. He was acting goofy and running near the steps and I stopped about five feet back and asked him to stop and come back by me so he could walk. He stopped at the top of the steps, turned towards me, and then instead of walking straight back he did kind of an arc causing him to go right over the edge of the top step. I'm just glad he didn't break something.


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