Thursday, August 31, 2006

State Fair Again

I didn't quite get around to taking pictures of the finished baby sets yesterday. I took Andrew to the fair again and was completely exhausted. The sets are still damp anyway so it probably didn't matter. Andrew choose to go to the park and ride lot so he could ride a bus, so we parked in Roseville after grabbing some muffins and a container of strawberries for breakfast. He thought riding the bus was pretty exciting. I figured I would give him the option, knowing that it would still be pretty easy to find a parking spot near the gate if he chose to park and walk. After eating a little muffin and a bunch of strawberries, we visited the barns, starting with the new Miracle of Birth barn. While we were there we watched a pig and a cow give birth. Andrew was more interested in the pig than the cow since we were sitting right in front of the pig and only saw the cow on one of the TV's. We spent about an hour in there and then walked through the poultry, sheep, cattle and swine barns. We didn't spend quite as much time in those barns, but Andrew did get a got milk tattoo in the cattle barn and a pig tattoo in the swine barn. Next we walked toward Heritage Square, stopping to eat a cream puff on the way (which Andrew said was just ok). At Heritage Square we watched the blacksmith for about 30 minutes. After which, Andrew told me that he wanted to make metal and use him hammer. We walked through the log cabin and saw a girl weaving on a loom and then outside to see a man doing some chip carving. After that Andrew told me that he wanted to sit down and talk about weaving, chip carving and making metal. He told me he wanted to do those things and I told him that he could learn, but he would have to wait until he was a little older since they use tool that could be dangerous if he wasn't very careful. Then we started toward the kidway, after having a soft pretzel and eating some more of our strawberries. Andrew shared a couple of our strawberries with two girls that sat down near us. He got a cheese curd in exchange. Later he told me that the pretzel was his favorite food. We took the trolley up to the little hands farm, both things Andrew just loved, and then caught the parade as we walked the block to the kidway. After a few rides we were both done for the day and started back for the gate, stopping for a couple treats. Andrew got cotton candy for the first time and I bought myself my cashew nutroll for the year. As we were walking toward the gate, Andrew told me that he wanted to visit my shawl before we left. I was happy to do so, especially since the Creative Activities building is right next to the gate. I think going a second time was great since there weren't so many people and we had a chance to see the barns, which just aggravate Tim's allergies.
Today wasn't quite as exciting, although the evening was productive. I weeded (for the first time in a couple months) the beds in front and the asparagus, serged together 4 newborn diapers (leaving two to serge and all six to apply snaps), and finished the newborn booties. Now I really should work on weaving in ends on my sweater, but I think I am going to cast-on for some socks for Andrew. I am using yarn left over from socks I knit my mom, plus they are small. I also figure that I knit the baby some socks so I should knit Andrew some too, right?

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Next time Grandpa Dan will take Andrew to Machinery Hill All Day!!!


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