Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Resorting to Spinning

I headed off to the resort for the weekend with Andrew and left my husband home to do some painting and general fixing around the house. That really sounds worse than it was since the resort is my parent's home and most of the painting and fixing was in Andrew's room, which is really hard to accomplish anything in when we have to work around naptime and bedtime. Andrew's room is now yellow on three walls and the ceiling and red on one wall. We still need to get him a twin bed to replace the toddler bed, and I found some great fire engine fabric to make a duvet with but I want my serger to get back from its cleaning before I do too much sewing.

I wasn't sure if I would bring my spinning wheel, but there was so much room left in the car that the decision was pretty easy to make. I finished spinning the Misty Meadows roving that I picked up at the Shepherds Harvest. When I asked Andrew what he wanted out of the roving he immediately said socks. Although the second skein is much more consistent than the first, I am very happy with how the spinning and knitting is turning out.

The yarn is a bit more green and yellow than the picture. Andrew seems to think that the socks are pretty cool too. This weekend if he ran into something and hurt his feet at all he had to have his woolly sock on to make it feel better. Hopefully I can get the second one done tonight. I should have enough left over that I can make the baby matching socks too.

I also worked on the baptismal gown I am making for the baby. It started out with me following a pattern, but I am redesigning it from the waist up since I didn't really like the top, but liked the skirt.

I still need to finish the front and make the back and sleeves. I do have until October at least.

Yarnworks is on our way up north (and with a three year old and me being pregnant we stopped a lot to use the bathrooms) so I had to see if they had anything interesting. I knew that they carried some fiber, but didn't really remember what since I wasn't doing much spinning then. I was planning to try to find some dyed wool that I liked, but it seemed like there was some VM in the wool and it just wasn't appealing to me. So, I bought some yarn for wool soakers instead.

Malabrigo worsted in Curacao and Naturally Nazareth in Spring. I haven't used the Naturally Nazareth before so I mainly wanted to try it and see how it knits up. The Malabrigo will just be a nice soft newborn/small soaker.

I also started spinning up some grey shetland while I was there. It is really fluffy and loose, so I started seeing how fine I could actually spin it. I seem to be getting a lace or fingering weight. It should be interesting to see how it turns out. Right now most of my spinning is just experimenting.

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Jess said...

The Naturally Nazareth knits up really nicely. It's kind of scratchy in the knitting, but once I washed and lanolized it (I made pants and a soaker out of it), it got nice and soft. Just make sure not to accidentally wash it with the diapers - it felts nicely. Oy.

I love the socks! So pretty.


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