Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It must be Spring

I am pretty sure this is my favorite time of the year. It is finally warm out and I spent pretty much all afternoon and evening out in the yard. Andrew was a great helper this year and pulled out old plants, picked leaves out of a flower bed, identified and pulled some weeds and helped bag up leaves and grass that I raked up so we can take it to the compost center. He also had a chance to do some of his annual worm digging. I cabled Kapik (our dog) to a fence in front so he could hang out with us safely (he is a husky and loves to run and probably wouldn't think twice about running out in front of a car to check it out). I wish I had my camera outside because I looked up once to find Kapik standing on his back legs examining the bird feeder and another time to see him drinking out of the bird bath. Nicholas and I had a talk about staying out of the street and staying on the grass. I mentioned that if he was in the street the cars could go boom and Nick could get ouchies. Amazingly it seemed to work (for today anyway) and I only had to tell him to stay off the stairs instead. He is getting pretty good at going up, it is going down that is still pretty tricky since he insists on walking down. He had a blast zooming around on the boulevard. He is getting very close to running.

I went back outside after the kids went to bed and continued cleaning up the front yard. I was out until almost 10pm, but most of the front is cleaned up and weeded now. I have a single light out front, but it is enough to rake by and pick dead leaves out of the flower beds. It was so nice to get thing cleaned up and to not be freezing or being eaten alive by the bugs. It feels like I am very behind with yard clean up this year. I know I'm not really because there isn't much growing yet. Winter lasted much too long this year. The iris leaves are only a couple inches tall and the hostas haven't even sprouted their leaves yet. I have mostly perennials in the front beds and I love seeing the plants come back to life in the spring. There is always more work to do when winter is over with all the yard and outside maintenance, but somehow life in general just seems more manageable when it isn't cold.

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Holly Jo said...

It does feel good to be out and not be eaten by bugs, huh? It is the same thing in fall too when I like to put the beds to sleep for winter.

Glad you are enjoying spring. :)


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