Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Stripy Mitts (and other stuff)

I made little stripy thumbless mittens to go with the stripy hat. The little hat was frogged since I needed a few more yards of yarn for the second mitten. Now I still have leftover yarn and was thinking about making some warm neck thingy (not necessarily a scarf), but after thinking about how easily little mittens get lost, I decided to hand on to the extra yarn for now. These knit up so quick. I made the first last night and the second today.

Nicholas is finally official. It is going to be his first birthday in a couple weeks and he just got his social security card/number. That means I could finally send in our taxes that have been sitting done and waiting for that number since March. It isn't that we waited to get his card. The paperwork hassle with the dept of health was such a pain. First, it is difficult to figure out how to get an application for a birth certificate in the first place. You have to call the MN dept. of health directly (they don't have any offices you can go to) and ask them to mail you an application for a birth certificate. After you have everything filled out and signed make copies. It gets mailed back and then it is a good idea to call and make sure they got it. The first application we sent for Nicholas in October was lost and when we call in March they didn't have any record of it. We received a birth certificate a month after sending in the application a second time. We waited a couple months and Tim went over to the social security office near his work. Guess what, they didn't have any record of a card being requested. I called the dept. of health and they said that Nick's file said they requested one. So, we needed to go to the pediatrician and get a vaccination record so we could request a social security card since you now need that as well as a birth certificate in order to request a card for a child. Anyway, we finally got it and I am looking forward to receiving our refund soon.

We also had the last two of our butterflies emerge from their cocoons. We let them out in the front yard this morning. Three of the four took off quickly, but the last one hung around for a few minutes so I got a couple pictures. Andrew really loved having the butterflies come out of their cocoons. If you click on any of these it will take you to my picasa album where you can see them larger.

(this is actually our neighbor's light post, but he doesn't care if we were over there)

Andrew starts speech preschool tomorrow. Hopefully Nicholas will nap and I can have a quiet house for a bit.

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Jess said...

Wow, I'm sorry you had such a hassle to get the birth certificate and social security card! That's not usual with homebirths, just so you know - our midwife filed the paperwork for us, as far as I remember. Of course, if you didn't have a midwife I guess that'd answer that one!

I love the hat and mitts - Nicholas will have a nice warm noggin and hands this winter!


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