Saturday, September 01, 2007

Fun at the Fair

I went to the state fair twice this year. Andrew and I started doing this last year because Tim was having problems with his allergies and couldn't really visit the barns (he would go in, be there for two minutes, and then tell us he would wait outside). It is also more enjoyable to go at a slower pace with small kids and we can still see the things we want too. The kids and I went Monday. Tracey joined us, which made things so much easier. We went to visit my knitting,

The Snowflake Hat

Andrew's Gansey - It is the grey sweater with the diamond pattern.

Nick's Blanket (Estonian Lullaby) I feel kind of bad that he hasn't been able to use it, but he isn't too attached to it now and now he can have a prize winning blankie to drool on.

saw the Little Hands Farm, rode a couple rides,

Riding in "Mr The King"

visited the barns, and the DNR exhibit.

We went again Friday with Tim, and his mom. We visited the knitting again (Tim wanted to see it) and then saw a bunch of other stuff. I love seeing all the landscaping on the fairgrounds.

By afternoon the fair was a sea of people.

We did take a break in the afternoon and have cider freezes. They were great - thanks for mentioning them Catherine.

Then high point of Friday though was dropping the kids off at home with Kathy and then going back to see A Prairie Home Companion. I love listening when I get a chance. That doesn't happen that much given that a certain 4 year old would much rather that we listen to him. We also had some ride tickets left so we went on the double ferris wheel and I convinced Tim to go on the zipper with me. I missed out on all the rides last year.


Holly Jo said...

Wow! Your fair has so much knitting. Congrats on the blanket.

I love the fair. I get giddy thinking about going. So much community. Glad you got to enjoy it so much. :)

Catherine said...

Glad you found the cider freezes! Your knitting is so beautiful. I wish I had remembered some of your pieces before I went...I totally stared at that hat wondering why it looked so familiar! Yay for State Fair ribbons!!


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