Friday, July 13, 2007

What A Cute Puppy

We brought home a puppy tonight. We decided to get a Siberian Husky for a couple reasons. Bullet was very much my dog. Tim has wanted a Husky for a long time and they tend to not be one person dogs, so we probably won't end up having a dog that is mostly mine again (it happens since I am the one home all the time and possibly just since I have spent more time with dogs in my life). There also don't seem to be that many reputable breeders of Rottweilers in the area, and those breeders have their puppies spoken for very quickly. There is also much talk about breed specific laws in the area. In my opinion, I would much rather have a Rottwieler than an older cocker spaniel as far as chances of someone getting bit. I say that because working in Vet Medicine, I learned to be more cautious of the little dogs than the big ones. There are always exceptions though.

We named our puppy Kapik. Tim was looking for a name and found that Kapik means coffee in Inuit. If you know Tim, you know that he likes his coffee. The breeder we got Kapik from does dog sled racing. She has an outdoor kennel so Kapik has never been inside before tonight. He was going to stay on the porch and look out the window, so I brought him into the living room to hang out with Tim and I after the kids went to bed. Kapik is starting to settle, but he isn't sure about the piano. It will probably take a bit to get used to his new life, but he seems happy. He especially likes Nick. Anytime Nick was sitting on the ground tonight, Kapik came over and gave Nicholas kisses. Nick loved it. We will get some more pictures tomorrow after Kapik has a bath.

The kids and I spent the afternoon at the Ramsey County fair. I had to visit my knitting. Andrew and I searched the Exhibit Hall for my things. We got to the knitting and saw the green soaker. It had a blue ribbon on it. We looked some more and found my hat. It had a blue ribbon too. Andrew was getting really excited because we had already talked about the ribbons and which color was what place. Then we saw my shawl. It had a blue ribbon and the purple champion ribbon as well. Andrew was really excited about that. Remember, this is the shawl that had the slightly larger row of yarn overs because I had an extra stitch that I dropped to get the right amount of stitches when I knit the next chart. It isn't that bad, but it is there. The shawl was also displayed with the purl side out instead of the knit side out. I was excited about winning the champion ribbon, but I thought my hat was better knit than the shawl. After the shawl we found Nick's blanket. It also had a blue ribbon on it. Andrew was so excited that I had four first prize ribbons. It is really cute because he usually says 'surprise' instead of 'prize'. The moral of the story is; enter your knitting into the local fair. You will likely win a ribbon, or two or more, and most prizes have a few dollars to go with them.

WIP round-up tomorrow


Holly Jo said...

Siberian husky? How fun! There are lots and lots of mixed breed huskies around here. Our shelter has tons of them because I don't think people realize how active and smart they are. Obviously, you are not like this and will enjoy your puppy. :)

Love the name.

Jess said...

Congratulations on the prize-winning knitting! And congratulations on the new puppy as well. I love his name!


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