Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Night Check In

It's Friday again. Another busy week, but much more pleasant. Something about having a puppy makes things a bit happier. If nothing else, the puppy antics are worth a chuckle. We have been to two different dog parks, been on a number of walks, picked everything off the floor regularly, and asked many times "what are you doing now Kap". Kapik and the kids are getting along well. This afternoon we played fetch. I started playing with Kapik (and he did really well too) and then Andrew wanted to play fetch too. He found another ball and I took turns throwing the balls for Andrew and Kapik. Nicholas sat nearby and thought the whole thing was so funny Kapik kept stealing Andrew's ball though, which Andrew didn't really like. I kept explaining how that was how puppies play, but he still didn't like it much. Thankfully, Kapik got tired and then just Andrew played fetch. I know it sounds bad that I played fetch with Andrew, but it used up Andrew's energy, it was what Andrew wanted to do, it kept Nick entertained and it was that hour before Tim comes home from work and I just needed something to keep them busy. Right?

Not much knitting, spinning, or sewing has been done. I did move my sewing table with sewing machine and serger down to the dining room. I really need to get some diapers made, and it just wasn't going to happen since Nicholas sleeps in my sewing room. I have gotten behind on MS3. I am still about eight rows into the third clue. I am going to get some work done on Andrew's gansey this weekend before I can go back to that. I really want to enter the sweater in the state fair and I only have a couple weeks left. I know it won't take too long to knit the sleeves, but I do want to get it done soon so I feel like I can move on to other things.

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