Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Meet Ted


What ya doing with that thing mom?

Do I really need to wear the hood?

I really am happy (even though my clothes don't match).

Hey mom, do you see this thing right here?

A pine cone you say? What's that? Is it good for eating?

Maybe I will just hide it. Then maybe I can eat it.

Nah. This is just too cool to keep to myself. See my pine cone everyone?

Pattern: Ted by knitting at knoon (scroll down)
Yarn: Pattons Classic Merino in Brown purchased at Michaels - I don't have the info from the skein.
Needles: KnitPics Options size 6 and 7

The sweater turned out great. I wish it was either written for larger sizes or Nick hadn't grown so fast. I made the largest size (12-18 month) and it might fit him through the beginning of fall. It is great to put on him when the evening has gotten cool and it is so very cute. The pattern called for a zipper at the neck. I didn't put one in partly because he was growing so fast that I wanted him to be able to wear it soon and partly because I just didn't want to sew in a zipper. I do have some buttons I really like that I may sew on some day and crochet some loops to attach them. It doesn't really need a closure for just wearing on cool evenings, the v neck that happens works just fine as it isn't too large and it probably wouldn't be closed anyway, but if it was worn more in the winter I would add buttons or a zipper to keep the back of the hood closer to Nick's neck for warmth. This sweater had a rather embarrassing start. I read the pattern three or four times and couldn't figure out how the front was supposed to work. I saw that it needed a zipper, but the schematics didn't show an opening to put it in and the pattern has you cast on the same amount of stitches for the front and the back. Being that I started this sweater when Nicholas was about four months old, sleep deprivation was messing with my ability to interpret directions. In my head I could only see two possibilities, cardigan or pullover and I couldn't figure out how this pullover was supposed to have a zipper. I emailed the designer asking for clarification or different instructions or something. She responded that the zipper only went half way, but I could make it into a cardigan if I wanted to. For some reason I wasn't able to figure out that option myself, but once I read the email it made perfect sense. The rest of the pattern went smoothly and the only thing I did differently was the ears. I made them like a short row toe with the beginning at the widest part and did some funky back and forth intarsia in the round for the pink insides and decreased toward the bottom. I made one ear the way the pattern was written, but decided to play around and this made a much neater ear for me and then I didn't need to sew it together. All in all this was a great pattern. The pattern also includes some leggings, which I didn't make.


Catherine said...

ADORABLE! The sweater is nice too. :)

Holly Jo said...

SO CUTE!!! Liked the captions too.


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