Friday, May 11, 2007


Estonian Lullaby Baby Blanket



Close up of main stitch pattern

Close up of edging

Pattern: Estonian Lullaby Baby Blanket by Fiber Trends - fingering weight option
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fine in Rue - I used four of the six skeins I purchased
Needles: KnitPics Options size 6
Started: April 14
Finished: May 10

I did frog this once after knitting a skein beause I couldn't pull out the provisional cast on. The second time I started I knit did the provisional cast on, knit the edging, and then started the main part of the blanket. This way I didn't have as much time invested if the cast on didn't work. I didn't use near the amount of yarn the pattern suggests and I did the recommended number of repeats and my gauge was pretty close(it is only a blanket). The yarn was a little like string at the beginning, but it didn't bother me as much as I did more knitting. I think it was easier to use the mostly cotton yarn in an open lace pattern than it is in a denser fabric. My only complaint with the yarn now is that I seem to snag single or two plyes of the yarn on things which is much harder to fix than just snagging the whole piece of yarn. Nick needed a lighter blanket since his are all pretty warm and he seems to like having a blankie to sleep with. It is also great for peek-a-boo. I may have it with me tomorrow at Shepherd's Harvest.

Basketweave Scarf

close up of the stitch pattern

Pattern: A stitch pattern from The New Knitting Stitch Library
Yarn: KnitPicks Waukeshaw - 100% alpaca that was available on their website only this past winter
Needles: Clover bamboo circular size 8

This scarf was kind of dissapointing. The yarn was very smooth and silky while being knit, but the scarf is kind of scratchy, especially on the purl bumps. This makes it more comfortable to wear it wrong side out since there is more stockinette there. Tim claimed it and doesn't mind how it feels and doesn't really care which side is supposed to be on the outside. It also looks good with his leather jacket. He is happy to have a scarf, and I enjoyed knitting it, even if I'm not thrilled with the end product. Now I am wondering what I should do with the tree skeins of red I have of this yarn. Maybe some lined mittens...



He is a little soul-less right now. ;)

I also have Ted done, or as done as he is going to be as long as he doesn't seem to really need some type of closure at the neck. I purchased a zipper, but didn't really want to sew it in (there just isn't that much free time right now - I would rather knit something else). I also purchased some leather buttons that I will sew on one side and crochet a loop to the other side if I decide to put them on. Ted didn't get his picture taken because once I was outside with the camera I realized he was dirty. Nicholas has been wearing the sweater on cool mornings and must have gotten someting on it. Of course now Spice is laying on it so it will be clean, but have cat hair on it. If it is cool tomorrow I will put it on and take a picture. Oh, and he hasn't been cooperating for pictures of the snuffling or tongue thing mentioned previously. Maybe I will catch it soon.

I will be at Shepherd's Harvest tomorrow - for as long as I can convince Tim and the kids it is fun. I might have Nick in a purple pouch or a beige sling - or he might just stick with Tim. Hopefully I will run into some other bloggers there.

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