Monday, October 02, 2006

One Week Old

Nicholas is one week old today!

The past week has been spent eating lots, sleeping, and being a very mellow baby hanging out with Tim or me. Our weekend was pretty mellow. Saturday, we did our usual trip to the Roseville bakery and Caribou in the morning, followed by a trip to the park. Tim and Andrew played while I grabbed a camp chair out of the trunk and nursed Nicholas. Unfortunately, as much as Andrew was having fun on the tire swing, his stomach wasn't quite as happy. Tim was spinning him and Andrew kept yelling faster, until he yelled that he needed to stop. He stopped, dropped to his knees, and revisited his breakfast. Rather than get in the car, possibly aggravating the motion sickness, Tim and Andrew walked to the gas station a block away and got some water. By the time they were back at the park Andrew was feeling ok again. We went home for lunch, a nap, and then a drive to Grandma Kathy's. She offered to let Andrew spend the night, and we figured it would give him a chance to sleep all night without being woken up by Nicholas. He is really good about it. He just gets up and turns his CD back on and goes back to sleep, but he really could use more sleep. Going to Grandma's also gave him a chance to run. Tim and I had a nice dinner, which Nicholas slept through. Then we went home and went to bed early. Nicholas surprised us by sleeping one four hour stretch.
Sunday, Nicholas received a warm welcome at church. After church, we came home and did lots of sleeping (yea!). Then we went to pick up Andrew, stopping at KFC on the way, and had a picnic in the park with Andrew, Grandma, and Trevor. Andrew managed to fall asleep in the car on the way home and Nicholas was quiet last night, so Andrew is doing a little better on sleep now. Tim even managed to sleep through a feeding last night. One other big event, Nicholas managed to roll himself from back to tummy twice while Tim was hanging out with him. He really likes to sleep on his side, so I think that is what he was trying for, but then he went a little too far.
I want to thank everyone for the gifts we have received. You can see an album with pictures here or click on the individual links below
From my parents-


A pillow, quilt, blanket, and Burt's Bees baby kit

Pillowcases and M&Ms for Andrew

From Tim's mom-

An outfit for Nicholas

Thomas cards for Andrew

From our Pastor and his wife -

An outfit for Nicholas

A coloring book for Andrew

From Katrina-

A cute crocheted hat

From Andrew -

An elephant toy and zebra rattle

From my Grandparents -

An outfit, a sleeper, and a Great-Grandma made blanket that matches Andrew's

A Veggie Tales DVD for Andrew

From my Grandma, a card and gift of money

Also thanks for cards from Angela and Ryan and Aunt Maxine.

Today was Tim's chance to show Nicholas off at work and everyone thought he was adorable. Naptime for the three of us went a little better too. Hopefully we will soon settle into having two kids.

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