Saturday, October 07, 2006

Apple Orchard

Today was just too nice to stay home and do all the things that need doing. We just don't get many October days in the 70s in Minnesota. So, after doing our usual Saturday trip to the St. Paul farmers market we decided to head off to Afton Apple Orchard. They added a couple things since the last time I was there about four years ago. They now have a large playground and straw bale pile to climb as well as a petting zoo with cows, goats, sheep, a llama and a donkey.

We watched apple juice being made with a press and then were able to sample the juice that had just been made. I have never tasted apple juice that tasted so much like fresh apples before. We rode out to the apples on a tractor pulled hay ride and picked connell red, honeygold and sweet 16 apples. We asked Andrew what he liked best and first he said eating the apple (we ate one of the sweet 16) then he said picking apples. I case you are wondering, Nicholas slept or nursed in the sling the whole time we were out. He does sleep well in the car seat too.

I am so glad we are able to do fun things like this with our kids. I know Andrew remembers many of the places we have gone, and they are the kind of memories that will stay with him.

I want to thank Aunt Neva for the cute baseball outfit for Nicholas and Aunt Barb for the card and gift of money. We appreciate your thoughts and gifts. Tim is going to link the pictures on the past post to our web picassa account so if you want to go back and see the cute baby gifts they should be there tomorrow.

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