Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You can go now

Tonight we visited Andrew's preschool. I was sitting on the floor and playing with him when he looked up and told me "you can go now". I explained that tonight we were just visiting and I would be dropping him off on Monday and leaving then. He was pretty disappointed. He also didn't like it that we only stayed for about 30 minutes, since he has been looking forward to school all summer. We would have stayed longer, but just standing and watching the kids play got kind of uncomfortable. I have no doubts that he is ready for school.

I finally got the snaps on the newborn diapers I was making. I now have six newborn diapers to go with the previously mentioned stash. They are all knits, so maybe they will stretch enough to get a couple weeks of use out of them.

After applying the snaps I noticed something.

Obviously, although the file cabinet is a very convenient place to apply snaps, being right next to my sewing machine and serger, it isn't quite up to the task. I don't feel too bad since the cabinet already has a drawer that doesn't work too well, and I could probably push the dent back out. I guess I need to find another place for my snap press. While I was at my sewing area I turned a bunch of fabric scraps into wipes. I spent about an hour a few days ago cutting scraps from diaper fabric into 8 by 8 squares and about 30 minutes tonight making those squares into 16 wipes. With the five we already have, we should have plenty wipes. I just think it is cool to be able to make something useful from fabric that would otherwise have been thrown away.

I also have been doing some knitting. I have a pair of socks for Andrew that are close to done. I do have more yarn. It is left over from socks I made my mom. With the other ball I have, I could probably finish these socks and make socks for the baby. Once again, a chance to use up leftovers, especially with projects that go quickly. Andrew loves hand knit socks too. After I finished the first I gave it to him and he immediately took of his socks and put the wool one on. He ran around with one wool sock and one bare foot for a while. Eventually, he put one of his other socks on the bare foot and wore unmatching socks for the rest of the day. I am also working on the Faux Russian Stole from A Gathering of Lace, but unfortunately not getting very far. I seem to be having difficulties with counting, as well as reading and following directions.

Finally, a couple fun pictures. Andrew wanted his picture taken, but didn't. So, peek-a-boo!


Terry Pearson said...

Jessica and I laughed about the "You can go now" comment that Andrew made. That was really funny.

Dreaming again said...

Hi ... I'm Peggikaye. Actually, I'm Aunt Peggi Tulsa.

Tim's Dad's youngest step sister ...

I really enjoyed your blog. Incredible!!!

Andrew is just adorable!!

Your homemade items are just beautiful!!

Nice to 'meet' you.

Aunt Peggi


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